Tanner – Adopted 6/19/2015

Tanner AdoptedHappy Gotcha Day Tanner!LFS_AvailableDog2015Tanner15

Meet TANNER! This handsome older gentleman is about 9 years old and only weighs around 45lbs.  Unfortunately, Tanner’s previous owner is unable to keep him any longer, but they’ve done the right thing in contacting a rescue in hopes we could find Tanner a great new home. Tanner is a good boy.  Even though he’s almost 9, besides his gray face, you could not tell.  He’s spry yet very laid back 90% of the time.  He is housebroken and can be left home alone for quite a long time without incident.  A full work day is absolutely no problem for him.  Tanner is super cuddly and will seek you out to be pet.  He’ll sit there for as long as you want to pet him.  He’s good with kids, although he does like to “hug” sometimes, so you just need to tell him no every now and again.  Tanner does well with other dogs, and passed a temperament test with flying colors.

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