Deacon – Adopted 6/23/2015

Deacon_AdoptedHappy Gotcha Day Deacon!LFS_AvailableDogDeacon13Meet DEACON!! This adorable lab mix pup is 12 weeks old, super sweet and cuddly. Stay tuned as we find out more info about this funny little guy! If you’re interested in fostering Deacon, please email Christie at

FOSTER UPDATE: Deacon is doing wonderfully.  As I type he’s sleeping while touching me for first time.  He’s been a non-cuddler, but that might be changing.  If there is an obstacle,  he will find a way.  I could see him being a fantastic agility dog. He likes to walk down my daughter’s step stool.  We had a scary moment this morning when he got his mouth stuck on his crate bars during a rest time.  We helped him get loose and will find a plastic crate tomorrow to prevent this from happening again.
He loves my dogs!  Here he is resting with Fynn after a day of playing.  It’s hard to remember that we only adopted Fynn from you four months ago.  He’s handled this fantastically. LFS dogs really are the best dogs!