Collin – Adopted 06/28/2015

LFS_AdoptedDogCollinsHappy Gotcha Day Collin!Collin2Meet Collin. Have you ever seen a PWT puppy? Well little Collin may be your first pup with a PWT = Perpetually Wagging Tail. What a happy little dude he is. He’s been in his foster for a few days now and we’ve learned that he is very curious – he wants to know what’s going on, he loves to follow his humans wherever they go, he’s had no accidents in the house, he settles down in his crate and sleeps through the night without any complaints and – here is the best part – he provides an endless supply of puppy kisses to all – including his foster sisters. Collin is definitely one very happy pup. And, as soon as he gets rid of that stooopid cone (he was just neutered a few days ago) then he’ll be able to run and play and frolic in the yard. For now, he perfectly fine with just chilling.Collin may need a little time to get used to new situations – as everything is so new to him. But within just a couple minutes or so he is good to go. Except the hose – he really loved that hose thing. It was fun to bark at it to make sure it knew he was watching it. Collin is 6 months old.


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