Lilly – Adopted 07/12/2015

LFS_AdoptedDog2015_LillyHappy Gotcha Day Lilly!

Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Lilly (1 of 1)

Lilly3Lilly is a wonderful 4 years old lab. She is a sweet, precocious, loving, and very playful  pet.  She is also strong-willed  but responds well to commands and treats.  Over the past year she has lived in a household with an older dog as well as two youngish cats which she tolerates.   Lilly enjoys playing with her pink squeaky pigs,  hedgehog and other stuffed animals.   She enjoys playing fetch, keep away, and hunting out ground squirrels.  Lilly has a wonderful appetite and enjoys all kinds of chewy treats including animal crackers and popcorn cakes.  Additionally, Lilly has been going to doggie daycare once a week for 9 months; there she enjoys hanging out with other labs and even was dog of the day once.  Although it is not her favorite place, Lilly will enter her crate willingly with a treat.  Lilly sleeps well through the night but best likes to get up early in the morning.  She enjoys sleeping on a dogbed close to her human companions and is always ready for a pat on the head.  Lilly would do well in a household where she gets of attention and exercise.


Labrador Friends Available Lab _lilly-3

Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Lilly


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