Pepper – Adopted 07/25/2014

LFS_AdoptedDog2015_PepperHappy Gotcha Day Pepper!LFS_AvailableDog2015_Pepper0403CMeet PEPPER! He is a 2-3 year old male with medium to high energy. Pepper’s ideal home is an active family who likes to run, walk, or going on hikes. He gets along great with other dogs, big or small, and he would do well with another dog that loves to play. We think he may also be fine with dog-savvy cats although we recommend a slow introduction.  Pepper has been through boot-camp training and we would love to find someone who can keep up with the training and give him some structure. Pepper is very handsome and he is a great dog for anyone looking for a young lab.



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17 comments on “Pepper – Adopted 07/25/2014”

  1. Kristen Chapiro

    We are interested in Pepper and would like to know more about him… Thanks.

  2. Christie-lfs

    Hi Kristen!
    I would be glad to answer any questions you might have and give you some information.
    Please email me at
    Also, have you been able to fill out our adoption application? Please do that if you can. 🙂

  3. Ariel

    I would love to know more about Pepper-I’m very interested!

  4. Christie-LFS

    HI Ariel,
    he is moving from a training facility to a foster home tomorrow…so we should have some info soon. We do know that he is great with people and other dogs. 🙂
    Stay tuned for more info soon!

  5. Kari

    Is Pepper still available? Our LFS puppy Sallie needs a friend!

  6. Christie-LFS

    He is still available. He is very good on a leash and great with people and other dogs.
    He is such a good boy and is looking for a family that will play with him, go on walks, etc.
    Thank you for your interest in rescuiing again. 🙂

  7. Christie-LFS

    Katie, he is!
    His foster says he is the sweetest and loves people!
    Please fill out our adoption application if you have not already.
    Thanks so much,

  8. Christie-LFS

    Hi Terri!
    He is available and is doing wonderfully in his foster home!!

  9. Tiffany

    Good morning could you please contact me on Pepper?

  10. Tiffany

    Good Morning could you please contact me about Pepper?

  11. Donna

    I am very interested in adopting pepper! I feel this young cutie would make a great addition to our household and make the family complete. I will fill out required paperwork. please let me know if he is still available.


  12. Christie-lfs

    Donna, he is. Once you receive your approval email, please email us to set up an appointment with him. 🙂

  13. lynda warringer

    I am very interested. I have a rescue yellow lab mix with high energy, needs a playmate.

    Also how much does Pepper weigh ? My wish list is a large black lab with amber eyes. I could also go for a yellow lab puppy or both.
    . .I had full blooded labs before

  14. Christie-LFS

    HI Lynda!
    Please fill out our adoption application here on our website if you have not already.
    I would say that Pepper is probably medium size, but I would need to check on his weight.
    He would just love to have a furry sibling to play with!
    Thanks so much,

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