Amanda – Adopted 09/18/2015

LFS_AdoptedDog_Amanda_2015Happy Gotcha Day Amanda!


Meet AMANDA! This sweet, adorable girl found herself at the shelter and LFS stepped in to give her a second chance at a happy life. Amanda is very gentle and kept squishing herself into the little side table in the picture, only to peak out for the shelter volunteers to pet her. Amanda is approximately 1 year old and her fur feels silky soft like a puppy’s coat. She’s on the small side for a lab, around 45lbs. The perfect size not to knock things off the coffee table with her tail 🙂 Amanda is on her way to her foster home, so keep checking back for more info and updated pics as we learn more about her!!


Amanda’s update 08/31: I am really starting to come out of my shell. I now play with my foster sister, often instigating the playing. I really love her and I know she loves me too. I’m still very good at going outside to potty and my foster has a doggy door so now I just go outside whenever I want! I love to sit on the back stoop and stare at my yard. I really love my family so when a new person comes near I’m a bit nervous at first but after about 10 min of watching my sister get all the attention I come around, though with men it sometimes takes me just a bit longer to get comfortable. I do like other quiet dogs. If they bark a lot though, I can get a little nervous. I also get in trouble sometimes because I just want to play all the time, which means I play bite like a puppy. Dad and mom scold me and give me a toy to play with instead, so I still have to learn a little bit on that one. Life is pretty awesome here but dad tells me that my forever family is still out there. I’ll make someone an awesome friend someday, I just need someone who can keep up with my puppy like energy and take the time to work on my obedience.

Foster Update 08/25: Amanda or “Mandy” as we call her, is an extremely sweet 1 year old lab . She spent the last month at the Animal Shelter where she was extremely scared and pushed around by the other dogs, causing her to go from 47 lbs to 32 lbs. Now that she is out she is starting to regain her confidence and learning to be a fun-loving lab again. She is curious about her foster sister but doesn’t quite understand how to play with her yet, but we think that will come in time. She is cautious around new people but once she learns you’re a friend, she is happy to wiggle her way into your lap and give sweet kisses. Like a typical lab, she loves food and is currently on a mix of puppy chow and adult food to bulk back up. She is crate trained, knows “sit” and is learning “come” and “stay” with the help of her foster sister. Amanda loves her people and could probably be named “Shadow” as she never wants her people out of her sight. You have to constantly watch your step because she’s probably either right behind you or standing on your foot! She is a super sweet girl looking for a loving family that can continue to teach her that despite the last few months of her life, this world is a great place with wonderful things for her to learn, love and play with!




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  1. Brett Self

    She is adorable! I will be filling out an application asap! We live near Athens. Is she still available?

  2. Christie-LFS

    Hi Brett!
    She may have a potential appointment, but please send in the app and once you are approved, send us an email at
    to check on her status. 🙂
    Thanks so very much,

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