Worthy – Adopted 09/15/2015

LFS_AdoptedDog_worthy_2015Happy Gotcha Day Worthy!

Meet WORTHY!! This handsome boy is around 5 years old and was found as a stray. He was taken to the shelter, after which LFS was contacted to give this guy a second chance. Worthy is unfortunately Heartworm positive and very underweight, so he will need to fill out and then undergo HW treatment. True to his namesake, this sweet boy is worthy of love and care, and he is worthy of the chance to live out a happy life! What we know so far is that he is good with kids and other dogs . Stay tuned while we find out more about him.

Foster Update 08/13: Absolutely an angel! So sweet & loving. Wants to be near us all the time. Has overcome many fears but still needs lots of love & coaxing.  Will not eat unless we stand on either side of him! Lots of patience a must. And his squeaky toy which he responds to! Loves to cuddle on sofa or our bed, wherever we are. Loves our grand, Stella 10 years old & her friend who is 12. He is still unsure of our kitty! But kitty wants to cuddle him!!!
Loves other dogs!!!

UPDATE: Worthy gained 8lbs since being with us.  He was treated for heart worms this past weekend but eagerly greeted us upon his return.  The best part was that he had not regressed into the skittish dog he originally was.  He did have a few accidents since he came home but that did not surprise us.  He is a true sweetheart and is eager to be at our side.  He now follows us from room to room and comes down the steps without a leash.  My husband is falling for him as he is such a sweetie so someone better come get him soon.  You can see him at the adoption this Saturday.

UPDATE : My Worthy is doing great: he is definitely housebroken.  He is still a little skittish but getting better every day. He now does the stairs (initially he wanted nothing to do with them).  He has no problem eating and remembering where the treats are :). Funniest thing.  I rolled a ball in front of him which he picked up and promptly dug a hole to put it in.  Then he took his nose to push pine straw over it as a cover. He is very calm.  We think he must have been abused by a woman as he is more readily open to Howard then me which is unusual.  Walks well on a leash.  Overall he is a terrific dog!

UPDATE: Only 1 accident in the house in 4 days.  I have left him during the day with my other 3 dogs and nothing has been destroyed.    He is very calm but still unsure of things.  Mostly, sounds tend to frighten him – even the click of a light switch but slowly and surely he is becoming more confident.  He runs up/down the stairs like a pro now.  He does well on a leash and likes to be outside.  Food is not an issue as once he is sure you are not going to take it away from him he eats it all in 5 minutes so putting on weight is definitely not a challenge.



Here is Worthy making sure he is ball is well hidden and safe for days in which tennis balls will not be readily available… luckily for you that will be
“never” now!



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  1. Valarie Wolcott

    Very interested in Worhty…is he still available. My dad who is 80 ( very active ) wants a buddy to roam the farm with him…

  2. Kristin-LFS

    Hi Valarie –

    Worthy is still available. Please fill out our adoption application here on our website if you have not already. 🙂

    Thank you!

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