Gemma – Adopted 10/16/2015

LFS_AdoptedDog2015_Gemma1017Happy Gotcha Day Gemma!LFS_AvailableDog2015_Gemma

Meet GEMMA! We welcome GEMMA to Labrador Friends. Gemma (on the right in the picture) is 13 years old and has incurable cancer. Labrador Friends of the South took her into their program after she was found stray and about to be put to sleep by animal control. We actually think someone dumped her near the shelter because they knew she was sick…
Regardless, LFS will keep her safe and happy for her remaining time on earth. Gemma will be spoiled and loved as much as possible until she lets us know she’s ready to cross the rainbow bridge. She and Zoey (her forever/foster sister) act as if they have been BFF’s all their lives?

Gemma had a horrible ear infection and had trouble walking when we first took her in, so we put her on medicine for her ears and her joints. We will continue to support her with whatever she needs.

LFS has taken in several cases recently despite the fact that we are low on funds in order to give these dogs the ability to enjoy life, even if like in Gemma’s case, just for a little while. We hate asking for money all the time, but without donations, we cannot continue to save lives. We would greatly appreciate any donations you may have it in your heart to provide. If you’d like to donate to Gemma’s care, please visit

Thank you in advance for any well wishes and/or donations.

Foster Update 10/15: Sweet Gemma has settled into her foster home. She is eating well and enjoys walking around in the back yard taking in all the smells.  She has become very attached to her foster dad. We believe she must have lived  and loved the man in her life before LFS. So sad that he just dropped this beautiful senior girl alone on a street.
We know she does not feel very good and her time with us may not be very long. But she will be spoiled and treated like a Queen for her remaining time.