Bella – Adopted 10/17/2015

bella ADOPTEDHappy Gotcha Day Bella!LFS_AvailableDog_Bella_2015_09194




Meet BELLA! Bella is a sweet, friendly, smart, loyal, and athletic 3 year old mix.  She LOVES retrieving tennis balls, running, chewing bones, riding in the car, and snuggling up in a dog bed.  She is crate trained, housetrained and not destructive.  She has been trained to an invisible fence.  She is swimming like a champ and just recently braved jumping off the dock.  She knows the basics…sit, down, stay, come, leave it, and a wait at the door.  She loves kids (is currently living with a 5 year old, a seven year old, and a 10 year old). She is a high energy dog and requires daily outlets for that energy, but this is easily accomplished with a chuck it/tennis ball and having nylabones available.  As an only dog, she is VERY easy to live with.  She gets along with most other dogs, but can be a bit much for some personalities and definitely likes to be in charge.  She would do best with males dogs who have a similar physical play style….in which case she will happily wear them out and keep them in line!

Labrador Friends of the South - Available Lab Bella 2



7 comments on “Bella – Adopted 10/17/2015”

  1. Collin

    What mix is Bella exactly? She sounds like the perfect dog for a family. And My 12 year old son who is wanting a dog.

  2. Christie-LFS

    Hi Collin! Because they are rescue dogs…we usually don’t know the exact mix. 🙂
    You can meet most of our dogs tomorrow at our adoption event.
    Please click on our Adopt picture for information on adopting from us and to fill out our application. Thank you so much for your interest.

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