Porter – Adopted 10/20/2015

LFS_AdoptedDog2015_Porter1020Happy Gotcha Day Porter!LFS_AvailableDog2015_Porter0927Meet PORTER!! Porter is a handsome 4-5 year old chocolate lab. He’s a bigger dog at around 65-70 pounds, but not too big. He is sweet, loving and just wants to be part of a family! Porter loves to play and is great with other dogs and kids! Porter is a loyal dog and would do best with someone who is home most of the time. Keep checking back for updates as we get this beautiful boy into a foster home and learn more about him!

FOSTER UPDATE 10/04: Porter has had no accidents since coming to our home so I assume he’s house trained. He gets very excited when I get home to let him out of the kennel. Porter enjoys staying active with his canine foster siblings. He normally lays by my feet or on the couch with my dogs. He goes into his kennel at night with no problems.




7 comments on “Porter – Adopted 10/20/2015”

  1. sue

    He is gorgeous dog!! Is there a possibility of him being a hearing dog? I am hearing impaired and showing interest in him. Would love to train him myself!
    How is he with cats?? I have a cat.

    THANKS! 🙂

    • Kristin-LFS

      Hi Sue,

      Porter is good with cats! I am not sure about him being a hearing dog, but if your willing to train him then I guess there is a possibility 🙂

      Thank you!

  2. Connie

    I am interested in finding a chocolate lab for my husband that is 74 years old and pretty much stays in the house. Both would be good companions for each other. Does Porter fit the bill for that?
    Thank you,

    • Kristin-LFS

      Hi Connie,

      Porter may fit, but he is a young lab and pretty high energy still. We do have many other lovely dogs including some seniors who might be a better fit. Does it have to be a chocolate?

      Thanks for your interest!

  3. Alby

    巔兄何出此言? 年齡只是一個數字, 身體可以去鍛鍊, 但你的智慧經歷卻回不去嘛!space… heard that story too, very inspiring thoguh! helping others / making others happy does let us feel great!

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