Candy Puppy – Snickers – Adopted 10/25/2015

LFS_AdoptedDog2015_Snickers1025Happy Gotcha Day Snickers!LFS_AvailableDogsSnickers0924Meet SNICKERS. Snickers is part of  THE CANDY PUPS!! These puppies are so super sweet, we couldn’t help but name them after our favorite candies! They are about 8 weeks old. Their names are Butterfinger, Reese, Heath, Snickers, and York. They will be going to foster homes in the coming days, so keep checking back for updates on these adorable little friends! If you are interested in fostering please contact Christie at

Foster update 09/29: She is very active so it’s not easy to get pictures of her haha she is feeling much better too. She is doing so well in her crate! We haven’t had an accident in it except for when she was not feeling well over the weekend. She has been good about not going in the house as well and letting me know when she needs to go outside. She does still have a few accidents in the house but for some reason they only seem to be in the evening. She sleeps well in the crate also. I get up once in the middle of night to let her out but most of the time I have to wake her to do so, so she may sleep thru the night. She loves to be held and give kisses but only when she is tuckered out from playing. We went for our first walk last night on a leash and she was not thrilled about it but she got used to it. She is also VERY good about not chewing anything but her toys, well sometimes she likes to chew on her foster siblings when she wants to play haha but they are very good with her.