CarolMeet Carol. She is one of our WALKING DEAD pups!! These 8 puppies came to us from the shelter a couple weeks ago and have been at our vet’s office getting clean bills of health. There are 5 girls (4 choc/tan, 1 black) and 3 boys (all black). They are about 10 weeks old and ready for adoption. Stay posted as we learn more about them from our foster homes

Rosita and CarolMichonne2

3 comments on “Carol”

  1. Jairo Guidet

    Hello, we are interested in the chocolate lab pups. We are in connecticut so not even sure how it would work or not work. Is it possible to adopt and have the pup sent up here? Please let me know.
    Thank you very much.

    • lfselena

      Hi unfortunately we do not ship dogs so you would have to drive to Atlanta to pick up your puppy and CT may be too far. Elena

  2. Rose Armbruster

    Where are u loacated? Im interested in lab puppy. Lost our family lab June 1st. Passed away 12 yrs old.

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