Ally – Adopted 12/01/2015

Happy Gotcha Day Ally!

Meet ALLY: A few days ago we got an email from a vet office asking to help a 5 years old  yellow lab who had been turned in to them with a request for her to be put down because she had a cruciate ligament tear. We initially said we could not afford a dog that needed surgery but then slowly more information started coming up. As the vet talked with the family trying to convince them not to put the dog down, they learned that she was actually adopted from us in 2012. Once we found out she is a LFS, of course we came to the rescue! Here she is on her way to one of our vets, a new knee, and soon a new family… Just a reminder to everyone who had adopted or will adopt a dog from us: you have signed or will sign an adoption contract that states you will not put the dog down unless it is an emergency and also stating that we will take the dog back at any time for any reason. We do our best to screen families to adopt our dogs  but clearly we sometime miss: If you think you may one day find your self euthanizing a dog for a health issue that is easily curable, do not adopt from us! Stating that we are broke is an understatement and we clearly have no money for this surgery but we will hopefully find some wonderful people that, like us, think that a ligament tear is not a good reason to terminate a life. If you are one of such wonderful people, please click below and help us raise the money for Ally’s surgery.  She is super sweet, a little scared right now but slowly relaxing. She very much deserves a better life.

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foster update 10/26: Thanks to everyone who donated to Ally’s ACL surgery!  She is happily recovering in her foster home where she has made one of the crates her little spot to rest.  You can tell she can’t wait to be running around and playing, but we’re trying to go slow so she doesn’t hurt herself again.  She’s starting to put weight on her back leg and we’re taking short walks around the neighborhood.  Ally gets along with other dogs and goes to the door to tell us she has to go outside.

These pictures do not do her justice.  Ally is much cuter than her pictures but she’s not a fan of the camera.  She does this ridiculously ADORABLE thing where she wiggles into you so you will scratch her backside.  She is so sweet and deserves to have the best forever home.

Foster update 11/13: Ally is doing great. She is spending more time out of the crate and even started joining her foster brothers on walks and she loves it. She is all cuteness and sweetness especially when she asks for a scratch. 




15 comments on “Ally – Adopted 12/01/2015”

  1. Tracy Lundee

    Angie, the goal is $2200 and they have taised $956 so far. So still in need of $1244.

  2. Tracy Lundee

    Angie, the goal is $2200 and they have raised $956 so far. So still in need of $1244.

  3. Dena Kirby

    Just made a donation for Ally. We adopted our Wesley from you approx. 5 yrs ago and are considering adopting another as a friend for him and may be interested in Ally. What is her prognosis? How large is she? Is she still available for adoption?

    • Kristin-lfs

      Dena, thank you so much for the donation! Ally is still available. She is doing very well and will need about 3 months before returning to normal activity.

      Thank you again!

  4. Ann Baccus

    Left comment a few minutes ago about fostering her but have also given dates when we will be out of town. Would really like to help her.

  5. Christie-LFS

    HI Ann! I think we have a place set up for her, but you know we need you anytime!! 🙂

    • Kristin-LFS

      Hi Missy,

      Yes Ally did have her surgery and is doing well, but will be a little while before she returns to normal activity. If you are interested in adopting her please fill out our adoption application.

      Thank you!

      • Kendra

        Hey, Kristin —

        I put in an application yesterday for one of the Walking Dead puppies, but then we reconsidered since I work the overnight shift, and would need a little pup to be quiet for far longer than they should be asked to be.

        We’d love to meet Ally once our application is approved and see if maybe she’d be a better fit for us!!

        Thank you!

        • lfselena


          no problem. Once you are approved we can discuss which dog best fits your household.


    Has Ally been adopted as yet? I would like to speak with you about. I lost a 12 yr old fox red
    Lab, Maggie, last year and am looking to adopt again. She was with me 10 years and was a
    fantastic companion for me. I have rescued 5 other labs since 1988 all of whom lived to age
    15 and 16. Please contact me asap. thank you. I work from home 95 per cent of the time.
    Jim Pepper

    • Kristin-LFS

      Hi Jim,

      Please go ahead and fill out the adoption application by clicking the adopt button. You can also email if you have any other questions about her.

      Thank you!

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