The Literary Pups – Emily Dickinson – Adopted 12/02/2015

4 comments on “The Literary Pups – Emily Dickinson – Adopted 12/02/2015”

    • Kristin-LFS

      Hi Brina,

      Yes she is. If you are interested please go ahead and fill out our adoption application.

      Thank you!!

  1. Craig Hall

    so cutey… i am just looking online at rescue labs. i lost my 14 year old last week. not sure if i’m ready yet to start again, but looking at this baby makes me feel better. did brina adopt her?

    • Kristin-LFS

      Hi Craig, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. We do have a few appointments set for these pups, but If you are interested in applying you can do so on this site. We are always getting fantastic labbys so keep checking back with us if your not ready yet.

      If you have any more questions please go ahead and email

      Thank you!

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