Mable – Adopted 01/25/2016

LFS_AdoptedDog2016Maple.jpgHappy Gotcha Day Mable!

LFS_AvailableLab_mapleMEET MABLE !! Mable is about 4 months old and was rescued from the shelter just in time to spend Christmas in cozy foster homes instead of cold kennels.  She is a super sweet puppy who is learning to come out of her shell and enjoy life with people showing her love. Stay tuned for updates from her foster family.

Foster Update 01/16: Maple has come out of her shell and has adjusted very well  to her foster home and to her human and canine pack. Maple is very sweet, smart, loving and deceptively feisty. She has proudly mastered going up and down inside stairs and joins her foster sisters relaxing and sunbathing on the staircase overlooking their kingdom! She explores, runs, plays and digs in our fenced in backyard  with her foster sisters – Always looking for perfect  leaves and sticks to play with and eat.

She is very well behaved in her crate, only fussing when she needs to go outside. The crate is her safe haven, where she goes to rest, play with toys and bones (which she loves!) and will stay there even when the door is open.  Food is great motivator for her.  She easily mastered the SIT command with the help of treats, and is now learning other commands, being on a  leash and other puppy etiquette. She is shy with new people, but warms up relatively quickly to them and then shares lots of puppy kisses as she loves their attention. When it’s time to rest, she loves to be close and to snuggle.  Maple is an adorable and energetic puppy, who will be a loving and fun companion.





4 comments on “Mable – Adopted 01/25/2016”

  1. Danny Ellrich

    I’m seeing Mable on the Labrador Friends website. I recently lost my mixed breed lab after 10 years and am interested to learn more about Mable. More pictures, her size/weight etc. My previous lab was with me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I own a resort on West Point Lake, so she came with me to work and rode around with me in my Polaris Ranger. I’m looking for a one man dog, a dog that will attach herself to me. Does this describe Mable?

  2. Kristin-LFS

    Hi Danny,

    Mable is a pup so we are still learning a lot about her while she is in her foster home. If you would like more specific information please go ahead and email If you are interested in possibly adopting her please go ahead and fill out our adoption application found on this site. Once you are approved you can set up an appointment to meet her.



  3. April Charleston

    Thanks for posting the update. Maple is just so adorable and it sounds likes she has a cute personality. My husband and I have already applied. Will she be at the upcoming Adoption Day event? We are planning to attend and would love the opportunity to meet her!

    • lfselena

      April, the adoption day scheduled for Saturday Jan 23 has been cancelled due to the weather. We will let you know when the next date is. Maple has an appointment for adoption scheduled for this weekend. Feel free to email us at to see if she is not adopted and to schedule an appointment. Elena

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