Whitney – Adopted 02/20/2016

LFS_AdoptedDog2016_WhitneyHappy Gotcha Day Whitney!LFS_AvailableLab2016_WhitneyMeet WHITNEY! Whitney’s record says 1 1/2 year old owner surrender to shelter. She’s very sweet and timid, cared of stairs and new places…stay tuned while we find out more about her.

Foster Update 02/2016: Whitney is a Black Lab mix, small in stature but BIG in loving.  Whitney had her surgery (spading) a week ago and is recovering fine. She has had to wear a cone while she heals (till the 22nd);  she even deals extremely well wearing her cone in her crate. She’s a VERY loving, smart dog – loves belly rubs and head massages. Gets along well with adults, children and approaches new people slowly but confidently. She is NOT a barker!!!  (This is a first for us). Crate Trained – she does not mind being in her crate even though our dog goes into our bedroom to sleep for the night. She’s house broken and moderately trained in commands for sit and no! A little stubborn, but, will give in with gentle coaching (e.g. Going to her crate).Whitney is still learning her place in the pack and not to counter surf but she is learning quickly.