Deacon – Adopted 02/27/2016

LFS_AdoptedDog2016_DeaconHappy Gotcha Day Deacon!

Meet DEACON!  Deacon is a 7 months old  Labrador and Husky mix. His personality is a great mix of labrador (lovable, friendly, silly, pretty) and a Husky (loyal, trusting and protective).  Deacon is very social and likes dogs, people and kids: he has many friends both at home and at the  nearby dog park.  Deacon is an active young dogs who loves to run. stay active and just be right where all the ‘action’ is.

Foster update 02/16: Deacon’s doing great!! He’s still just as much of an energetic and intelligent lab-husky mix as ever, and his puppy energy is still utterly boundless despite that fact that we’ve passed the 1yr mark. Deacon keeps his foster mom on her toes, never hesitating to let her know if he hasn’t been mentally stimulated and physically exhausted enough. She’s started challenging him with puzzle-toys (where he has to figure out how to get the treats out/uncovered/etc.) and Deacon just loves them!!”

UPDATE FROM FOSTER MOM:Deacon is a typical puppy in a lot of ways- He’s got lots of energy, and he *wants* to burn it. He loves to play with other pups, and play hard, but he’s very good at backing off if his playmate says “Enough!” He also gets along well with children, and can even coexist with dog-savvy cats.Deacon is part husky, which means that he has some unique traits: He’s very smart and picks up on commands easily, but can be unmotivated to obey unless you’ve got something he wants (usually FOOD!). He’s also very tenacious, and not afraid to poke and push in an effort to find ways around obstacles in his path.  Deacon would be a great dog for an active family that is ready to give him plenty of structure and exercise. He is learning a lot quickly and he knows quite a few commands by now. He’d make an awesome running buddy!!



8 comments on “Deacon – Adopted 02/27/2016”

  1. Kristin-lfs

    Hi Patrick,

    The adoption fee for our dogs is $275

    – Kristin

  2. Nicole

    Hey there, How much does Deacon weigh? We currently have a Husky/ Border Collie mix approaching 1 yr old at just under 50lbs.

    • lfselena

      Nicole, I to not have a precise weight here with me but I would say he is also around 50. Elena

      • Melissa

        Great! Where is he located? We currently have a high energy 1 yr old husky mix. ? Are the dogs listed up to date on the website?

        • Kristin-LFS

          All of our dogs are located in the Atlanta area. If you are interested in meeting him please go ahead and fill out an adoption application. Once approved you can then set up an adoption meeting for your family including fur babies 🙂

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