Dee Dee – Adopted 03/18/2016


Meet Dee Dee. This sweet puppy is 8-9 weeks old and as fun and lovely as it gets.

FOSTER UPDATE – DEE DEE!! Dee Dee is the cutest puppy ever! She is extremely intelligent and already learning commands. We are working on potty training. She also has figured out where her treats are so every time she goes potty outside she runs straight to get a treat. We are working on the excitable puppy nipping. Her favorite toy is a little blue bunny that she picked out from PetSmart but she loves all the cat toys around the house. Dee Dee does well with other dogs and kids. She is also fine with the cat, although the cat doesn’t have much interest in herDeeDee 2DeeDee 1

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    • Elena Pesavento

      Heidi, if you have not been approved for adoption already, the place to start is to submit an adoption application. You can find that by clicking on the picture that says “adopt”. Elena

  1. Deb

    Where is DeeDee located? And is she a mix breed lab?

    Thank You,
    John and Deb

    • Elena Pesavento

      She is in the Atlanta area. We have no history and her background so rarely we can guarantee a dog is a pure lab. She looks close to a pure lab but she may have mixed with something else.

  2. Deb

    Hi Elena,
    Sorry to bother you again, has DeeDee been tested for Heartworm and Parvo, and what were the results?
    We are cautious because we have rescued other puppies and they had not disclosed it, and the puppies died.

    Thanks a bunch,
    Deb and John

    • Elena

      Deb. Dee Dee is not spayed as she it too young ( we do not like pediatric spaying) so there will be a refundable deposit and we will follow up to make sure she gets spayed in a couple of months. Spaying her will be a condition for adoption.
      She is too young to have heart worms. She is on preventative and, at this age, the preventative will kill any larvae she may have. She has been vaccinated for parvo and she has been with us long enough that she is quarantined. We do not test for parvo when puppies are healthy as the test will come out negative anyway. She is very healthy and happy. Elena

  3. Deb

    We have sent our application and fee but have not yet received a confirmation e-mail. Do you know about how long it takes to receive that and to get approval? Our family including our Sadie are already excited to have the possibility of a new little addition to our family. You have been so kind to get back to us so quickly! Thank You. Deb

    • Elena

      We have received your application. Mandy will process it and get in touch with you in he next couple of days. If you don’t receive any message from her please check your spam folder and email us at Elena

  4. Kristin-LFS

    Hi Heidi! Dee Dee has not been adopted yet, but there are a few applications in for her so if you are interested I would go ahead and submit one.


  5. Larry Z.

    I am checking on the status of my application and wanted to know when I can arrange to meet some of the dogs I’m interested in, like Dee Dee here?

    • Kristin-LFS

      Hi Larry, It usually takes a few days to process the applications. But let me check for you.

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