Grady – Adopted 03/26/2016

LFS_AdoptedDog2016_GradyHappy Gotcha Day Grady!

MEET GRADY!! Grady is a very friendly and sweet 8 year old boy. Due to unfortunate family circumstances, his owner is no longer able to keep him. He is already settling into his foster home and adjusting quite well. Stay tuned as we learn more about Grady!

Foster Update: Sir. Grady has been with us for a week and we are seeing lots of positive changes in him! When Grady arrived his eyes appeared very red and he looked very sad! The redness has faded and he looks happier. He’s also much more playful! He’s been initiating play with Cecilia and his little nub of a tail wags ferociously! He’s also a great telework buddy. He lays on his bed or next to my chair and doesn’t wonder off, which is nice. Michael is definitely his buddy! He was so happy to see him last night when he got home from a business trip!
Puppy manners are a work in progress. He’s very food motivated and helped himself to the bag of training treats while I was taking Cecilia out to pee. We’ve since learned that nothing can be left on tables or counters. He’s also persistent about sitting on the couch and our bed. We are working on these, and he knows he shouldn’t be up there, but doesn’t seem to care.
We’ve also switched his food. He eats it without warm water and enjoys some cottage cheese on top. His farts are also less stinky!

Foster Update: Grady is really doing well in his foster home! He really enjoys taking walks with his foster mom and dad and his furry foster sister. He is good in the crate at night – just a bit of whimpering when he first goes in, and then he settles right down. Grady also loves going on car rides and really just wants to be close to his people. The family who makes Grady their own will be so very lucky.



6 comments on “Grady – Adopted 03/26/2016”

  1. pat omeara

    We lost our beloved maggie 2 years ago. We never thought we could have another yellow lab,then we fold balee on your site we drove 12 hrs to alanta to get her. She is now the love of our life.she’s a beautiful liveable dog. We may be interested in grady. He looks beautiful also. Please send requirements for his adoption

  2. Pat Burns

    I am interested in adopting Grady.? Can you call and fill me in on him or another dog. 724-388-4872
    Thank you,
    Pat Burns

  3. Christie-LFS

    Hi Pat,
    Grady is a really great guy. He is mellow and sweet, but does not like crates or cats!! 😉
    The great thing is that he does not need a crate though. He loves car rides and snuggling at his foster’s feet. Have you been able to fill out our adoption application yet?
    Let me know and we can keep an eye out for it!
    Thanks so much for your interest,

  4. Christie-LFS

    Katie, he is. He is a very sweet older gentleman. 🙂
    Let us know if you have specific questions about him. 🙂

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