Layla – Adopted 04/14/2016

Layla.1Happy Gotcha Day Layla!LFS_AvailableLab_2016_Layla02254

Meet LAYLA!! Layla is a super cute, super sweet 6 month old girl. Somehow Layla found herself at the shelter, but no one came to claim or adopt her, so LFS stepped in to give her a second chance. Layla is a typical puppy, happy go lucky and ready to share the love. Keep checking back for more info as we get this adorable girl into a foster home this week.

Foster Update: Layla is a little shy at first but warms up really quickly & is totally eager to please. She’s been at her foster home for 4 days with no accidents in the house. She learned almost immediately to go to her crate for meals & bedtime. Layla gets along with other dogs & loves people. For some reason, she has a bobbed tail but it just makes her cuter – plus no worries about a lab tail clearing off the coffee table! She will make a great addition for someone looking for a happy loyal girl.







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  1. Kristin-LFS

    Hi Christy, Because she is a rescue we do not know her exact age but around 7 months.

  2. Eugene Hunt

    Gow do i go about adopting her and i live in south georgia

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