Wally – Adopted 05/05/2016

LFS_AdoptedDog2016WallyHappy Gotcha Day Wally!

Meet WALLY! This sweet boy is ready for his forever home. He’s about 8 -9 weeks old. Stay tuned while we find out more about him.

Foster Update 04/11 :Wally is beginning to grow into his personality (although he still has a long way to go if he ever wants his size to match his spunk). He is now cruising up and down the stairs effortlessly, although he is still bunny hopping down them. He has decided he is now big enough to wrestle with his foster siblings, and for the most part they put up with his attempts.  He is just tall enough to put his back paws on their backs, but not tall enough to do anything once he’s there.  His house training is progressing, and while he will go all night without any problems, he can sometimes get distracted when we’re outside in the mornings and this leads to not making it through the morning in his crate.  Wrestling is much more fun than taking care of business, after all, and he’s only 13 weeks old.  He is still an awesome cuddler, loves his toys and foster siblings, and has tons of puppy kisses waiting for his forever family.

Foster Update 03/23: We’ve had the pleasure of fostering Wally for one week today.  He’s gone from quiet and almost timid to an inquisitive, adventurous little pup that holds his own with Max our 47 pound one year old.  Wally is approximately 10 weeks old and about 9 pounds.  He does well with our five dogs.  He hasn’t been exposed to kids or cats yet.  He is an amazing cuddle partner but can entertain himself in his play-pen.  He generally sleeps through the night (although they are short nights).  We are working on crate training and house training.  He is getting the hang of both but still some work to do there.




Sharing a bed with my foster sister Abby




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