Red Hal – Adopted 05/14/2016

LFS_AdoptedDog2016_HalHappy Gotcha Day Sweet Hal!


Handsome Hal is ready for his forever home. He did great at adoption and loved being out in the sun and being loved on by everyone who stopped by to see him. He’s doing well but starting to deteriorate in boarding.

He is kennel trained, but we’re not sure he’d enjoy being crated because it’s considerably smaller than his kennel. However, he’s not as afraid of “cages” as he was months ago. He rides really well in the car. He hops in and out of the car like a champ and likes looking out the window. He’s doing better with other dogs, and seems to prefer females. He even played with one of the puppies at adoption day! If Hal was to go to a home with another dog, it would have to be the perfect match.

He runs around and can play with no problem, even as a 3 legged boy. He lives for belly rubs and food and would enjoy going to the park with his human or a yard to enjoy the sunshine on his belly. He absolutely adores anyone who loves on him. He’s very human focused. He doesn’t know what toys are yet, but we’re trying to teach him.

Hal would love to be in and thrive in a quiet home. The PERFECT home for him would be with a single person, or a couple without other dogs. All he really wants is to be someone’s best friend.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Hal, please email
Meet HAL. He is our newest project. Hal is amazing: he is super sweet and loving and yet we know he is in a lot of pain. He was found hurt, probably hit by a car. He has a fractured ankle and a dislocated elbow. To fix him, we need to do two surgeries. At the end of all this, and in a few months he will not be in pain anymore but all this will be expensive. We thought very hard about what to do as we really do not have the funds right now but, as you can see from the pictures, he is so sweet we could not find any other solution. And so here we are asking for your help one more time. As some of you may know has offered to match up to $2500 of any donation made in the month of November. We have a new donor who just added another $3,000 for Hal. So your donations will count double! Consider donating. As soon as we have raised $3,000 we will schedule his surgery!

HAL UPDATE: Hal first surgery went very well and he is almost fully recovered. We had a little set back when we had amputate part of his tail because he kept getting it split open wagging too hard in his kennel. During all this time he had to be at the vet and his boarding bills are piling up. Help us paying his bill so we can keep taking good care of Hal. Next step, surgery on his front leg.

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Sweet Hal needs your help from Elena Pesavento on Vimeo.


5 comments on “Red Hal – Adopted 05/14/2016”

    • Martha

      Hi Sarah,

      Yes, he can go up and downstairs. Long term that wouldn’t be ideal, but short term it would be ok.

      For more info if you are interested in fostering or adopting Hal, please email

      thank you!

  1. Mack

    Does Hal do well with young children and if there are stairs in the home would that disqualify perspective adopters? I saw Hal on adoption day and I fell in love with him when I first saw him

    • Kristin-LFS

      Hi Mack,

      Hal was around kids at adoption day and did fine, but that is the only time he has been around them. As for stairs, he does just fine but is a little slow going up. He does need to be in a home where he is the only dog tho. If you are interested in adopting him please go ahead and fill out an adoption application.

      Thank you!

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