Marty – Adopted 05/21/2016

LFS_AdoptedMarty_2016Happy Gotcha Day Marty!

Meet MARTY! This sweet boy is ready for his forever home. He’s about 8 -9 weeks old.. Stay tuned while we find out more about him.

Foster update 05/18: Marty is very social and loves people & kids and other dogs. We have 5 children ranging in ages from 17 to 9 years old, he interacts with them on all levels, loving to play and run, and play ball. He loves tug a war with our older female lab.  He is learning to sit.  He is a quick learner and smart. He does best walking on a leash with a harness. He is a little timid when out walking from different sounds etc but I think that was puppy curiosity. We took him to Starbucks for an outing and he sat under the table and played with his toys. He was friendly and wagged his tail at anyone who walked by our said something to him.

His bad habits right now are he will chew anything!  We think he is teething so we have bones and tethers, etc all over. Sometimes when he gets excited he pees and dribbles. Potty training is good – for the most part he is going outside to potty 95% of the time. We do not have cats so I’m not sure how he would do. I believe Marty would be a great addition to any family and he loves to be active. He loves to be with his people and lives to be in the car. He finds his spot and sits or sleeps.






2 comments on “Marty – Adopted 05/21/2016”

  1. David Dobson

    I am interested in Marty, what do I need to do for him to be part of my family

  2. Kristin-LFS

    Hi David,

    Please go ahead and fill out an adoption application. Once approved you can set up an appointment to meet him. Please let us know if you have any more questions.


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