Lady & Murphy – Adopted 06/04/2016

Happy Gotcha Day Lady & Murphy!
Meet LADY & MURPHY. Lady (yellow) and Murphy(chestnut) were adopted through LFS when they were about 6 months old. They have been living many years of happiness and joy but unfortunately the current owners are in a difficult position of having to find new homes for them.Both dogs are well-trained and have no behavior problems.  Lady is almost 10 years old.  She is the lover and the calmer of the two. Murphy is approximately 8 years old.  He has a lot of energy and listens very well. Both dogs are very healthy and are current with all vaccinations, heartworm treatments, etc. Our preference would be to have them stay together. If you would like to give Lady and Murphy a new home please fill out the adoption form here.
Foster Update 04/24: Lady & Murphy are doing great & are amazing dogs. They are both very loving & happy dogs. Murphy loves playing fetch, a good butt-scratching, snuggling close, supervising human consumption of food & wrestling with his sister. Lady loves taking walks, a good neck-rub, giving kisses, supervising all human activities (including, but not limited to, yard work, house work, cooking, eating, & relaxing) & humoring her brother with a good wrestling session. They’re both great with kids & other dogs and have lots of love to give.


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  1. Kelley Clark

    I would be interested in adopting them both. Will they be at the June 4th adoption event? If so, I will fill out an application. Additionally, you mention they are “great with kids and other dogs.” What about a puppy?

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