Kayla – Adopted 06/23/2016

LFS_AdoptedDogKayla0623Happy Gotcha Day Kayla!

Meet KAYLA!!! This super sweet girl is about 5-6 years old and one of the newest members to LFS. She has a great temperament and loves every person she has met so far. Kayla appears to do well with other dogs and is relatively calm. Keep checking back for more info as we get this pretty girl into a foster home!

We are all so surprised that Kayla hasn’t found her forever home yet. She’s such a good girl! Here’s the latest update from her fosters.

Foster Update 06/06: Kayla has been with me for several days now and I can truly say that she will make an instant companion in her new forever home. What makes her such an instant fit? She’s fun-loving and in great shape, but she has outgrown all of the silly puppy ways. She curls up by your side while you’re working or watching tv. She loves to get a good head scratch or belly rub. She gets along very well with other dogs and enjoys a playful wrestling session. She settles straight into her crate at night and is sweet and quiet until it’s time to get up. She is sweet and loving with children and makes friends with them right away. She loves to chase a squirrel or a chipmunk, but she isn’t much of a barker. She loves to walk and is (almost) always very easy on a leash.
Everyone has a few things we are working to improve and Kayla has a very short list.  She only pulls on the leash when she sees a squirrel and is working on learning how to “leave it.”  She is excited to get through a door first, but is quickly learning what it means to politely “wait”.

Foster Update 04/27:  Kayla is doing extremely well in her foster home and is a very loving, smart dog. She loves to be near her person. As you move around the home, she will follow and will lay down near you again. She just wants to be wanted and will give lots of love in return. Other than surveying the yard for squirrels, her favorite… past-time is meeting neighbors and going to the dog park. She is excellent with other dogs and loves people. When she meets a new person, she will approach, tail wagging with her beautiful eyes saying – “Hi, pet me!” Kayla is the PERFECT age at 5/6 years old. She’s past all the labby puppy energy, but still enjoys being active!

Kayla is crate and house trained. The ideal home for Kayla is one where someone would be home quite a bit. She is not a barker – so, Kayla could be a good pet for folks living in a condo or apartment. While she still shows signs of separation anxiety, she has come a long way and now will calm quickly.

Foster Update 03/16: Kayla has adjusted to our home and living with our dog, Mollie.  There is NO one that she doesn’t like – loves to meet strangers or recent friends in the neighborhood.  As for pets, she loves them.  She just wants to play which can be a little intimidating to our neighbors’ small dogs.

While Kayla isn’t real young, you wouldn’t know it at the dog parks.  Loves to run with the dogs, meet & greet strangers tenderly and can’t help but to look for squirrels.  Will even follow them up a tree!

Kayla doesn’t mind being in her crate with the door closed as long as there is someone home.  She has been working on being left home – still has anxiety.
Work in progress. Kayla wants to be near / close to you – always following someone around or resting near you.

Bottom-Line Kayla is a big gentle bear!  But, she would need a home where she would be part of the activity – adults and kids.


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