Sonny – Adopted 07/10/2016

LFS_AdoptedDog_SonnyHappy Gotcha Day Sonny!




Meet SONNY!!  Sonny is a very handsome 1.5 year old male yellow Lab whom we just rescued from a local shelter after being surrendered by his family.  Sonny is an incredibly sweet boy who absolutely LOVES people and LOVES to play fetch.  He has a lot of energy, but he is not a jumper.  He is house and crate trained and also knows sit and shake. Unfortunately, Sonny was never socialized with other dogs so while he is not dog aggressive, he doesn’t know how to approach them correctly or interact with them properly.  (We believe when not crated he was likely left alone in a small fenced area or he was tied up for much of the time.)  With patience, commitment, and proper training, he certainly may be able to successfully work through this issue.

Sonny will need a home where he is the only dog.  He needs an experienced dog owner who will be committed to training him and who will provide him with structure, consistency, and lots of love.  If you are interested in fostering or adopting Sonny, please complete an adoption here or foster application here.

Foster update 0601: Sonny has definitely energized our house – he has a lot of energy and I can’t stress it enough! He has 2 modes, his on switch where he will run laps around the house trying to play with anything that he finds amusing, and an off switch where he finds a comfy spot to take a snooze. The family that adopts him has to understand and appreciate his BOUNDLESS energy and eagerness to play! He is only 1.5 years old and anyone who has ever had a lab knows they… are still in puppy mode at that age. Sonny LOVES the water and tennis balls, so we have enjoyed taking him to the river and tossing the ball out for him. He also gets his daily walks, walking very well on a leash with gentle corrections when needed. We continue to work on socializing him with other dogs. He still has a very long way to go, but shows no aggression – he just doesn’t have any self-awareness. Sonny is a great dog with more personality than I have ever seen. He keeps us laughing and on our feet. He would do best in a home with a young, VERY active owner who can dedicate a hour everyday wearing him out – taking him on walks, runs, to the river, etc.. Sonny would also do best in a home with no cats, dogs or young children. He can play a little rough and doesn’t realize his size and strength. He does not know that he is a big boy at 80 pounds and he thinks he’s a lap dog. 🙂 He also loves to cuddle and will ‘spoon’ with you. Sonny will make an amazing dog for the right people.