Moonshine – Adopted 07/16/2016

LFS_AdoptedDog_Moonshine0716Happy Gotcha Day Moonshine!

MEET MOONSHINE!! Whisky and Moonshine are brothers about 5 months old and as cute as can be!! Moonshine and Whisky are both a little unsure of their surroundings right now as they were just brought to our vet from the shelter, but once you show them that there’s nothing to be afraid of, their super personalities come shining through immediately. They are hilarious to watch! They love to play together, but will quickly come over for a cuddle if you so desire. While we don’t think they need to stay together forever, we do think these boys need to be adopted to forever homes that already have another dog, as they seem to take cues from other dogs. Stay tuned as we learn more about these handsome devils and try to get some better pictures. It’s very hard to take pictures of two excited puppies by yourself!

Foster Update 07/12: First off their pictures don’t do them justice! They are both so sweet with big floppy ears. They are extremely calm and well mannered. They are definitely couch potatos but will play when they see the right toy. We were already able to teach them to sit and lie down last night. They are so smart, fast learning and respond quickly to “no”. They also walk great on a leash! We haven’t had any accidents in the house (knock on wood). Moonshine is a little more adventurous then whiskey. Moonshine also loves to be around people, while Whiskey likes to watch from his dog bed. They are still learning how to use stairs, one step at a time. They have also enjoyed playing with their new friends at the dog park. We can’t believe how well behaved they are! We get compliments everywhere we take them. I think they would probably do best in a home with another dog since they love to be around each other. You can’t get much sweeter then these babies.





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  1. Brittany cribbs

    Hello, we are interested in Moonshine. We adopted a dog a few months ago and are looking for another to join our family! Please let us know if he is still available and what we need to do to further.


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