Merlin – Adopted 08/04/2016


LFS_AdoptedDog2016_Merlin0804Happy Gotcha Day Merlin!

Meet MERLIN!  Merlin is a very sweet 1 year old puppy.  He seems quiet and acts like he may have had some training.  He has a shiny black coat and a Lab face but no tail!

Foster update 07/04: Merlin continues to be a sweet boy. He is housebroken and crate trained.  He LOVES the water. He hasn’t done any open water swimming, but, he loves to submerge himself in the water and stick his head under to find waterlogged sticks.  He has just learned how to fetch (see video) from our fetching obsessed pup, but he is definitely not as into it as her. He has really gotten into chasing squirrels, so a house with a yard and trees would keep him entertained for hours.  I do think this might mean he may not be great with cats, since his urge to chase is pretty strong (he likes the be the “chaser” in play as well).
If you need someone to cuddle on the couch with and then hit the beach, Merlin is your man! He just learned paw so we are working on “high five”

Foster update 05/31: Merlin is definitely a snuggled and quick to make friends. We had 3 friends visit for the weekend and Merlin was as happy as a clam, wiggling and snuggling up to everyone as soon as he could!  Merlin does great with other dogs and plays so well with our current pup!  Merlin is low-key, but knows how to go run around and have fun.  While we don’t have kids, he is so well-tempered and chill that we don’t think he would have any problems.
Merlin walks really well on a leash and comes when he is called.  He’s a fantastic friend!

Foster update 05/24:  Merlin is the sweetest boy. The basics: he is already housebroken, not one accident, and he comes when calls (knows his name).  We aren’t sure if he knows how to sit but he mimics our dog when she does – we are working on “paw”.  He loves to cuddle on the couch and snuggles right onto your lap.  He loves to play with our dog, but can also be lazy and lay around the couch.  All in all, he is wonderful!

Foster update 05/14:  Just wanted to share a quick update.  We got Merlin this morning and  he is a very sweet boy!  He loves to snuggle and give kisses.  He is on the smaller side, only about 40 pounds, so he may grow some more.  His size might be perfect for someone in an apartment.  His car etiquette was amazing.  He was calm and just relaxed in the back seat for 45 minutes.  He walks very well on a leash, doesn’t pull much, and doesn’t try to pull to get to people or dogs he encounters.  He loves to play and has been playing well with Casey (our 1.5 year old Lab mix) and seems to enjoy having a little rawhide chip to chew on.  He knew to go to a dog bed right away and we will be working on crate training this afternoon and evening.  We’re working on basic commands and he may already be house trained.
















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  1. Amber Patton

    Interested in Merlin! Does your organization do meet and greets?

  2. Kristin-LFS

    Hi Amber,

    Yep! Go ahead and submit your adoption application and once you are approved you can set up an adoption appointment.


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