Ginger – Adopted 08/06/2016


LFS_AdoptedDogGinger2016Happy Gotcha Day Ginger!

Meet GINGER !! Ginger and her brother Fred are two adorable little things are only about 3-4 weeks old and somehow ended up at a shelter. LFS knew a shelter is no place for two little babies, so now they are safe in rescue. While they are precious, they are not yet ready to be adopted, as they are still too young. Fred and Ginger are doing well in foster homes, becoming socialized and learning how to eat real food. In a few weeks they will receive their first puppy vaccines and be ready for their forever homes.

If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an application now at

Foster Update 07/26: Ginger has been with us for a week.  She is an adorable bundle of curiosity, very independent and determined.  She has outgrown her laundry basket bed, mastered the art of stairs (we are up to 5 at one time now), and started sleeping through the night.  We are moving away from the puppy mush to soften kibble.  She has gotten stronger each day this week.  She does amazingly well with house training.  As long as we keep to her schedule there are no accidents. She loves soft toys and uses them as pillows when she naps/sleeps.  She also likes to chew on Crocs.  Our labs are getting used to her – slowly.  Max is her favorite chew toy and he is the most tolerant of our three.She has been a joy to have with us.  Her forever family is going to be very lucky to have her ️





2 comments on “Ginger – Adopted 08/06/2016”

  1. john doolen

    we are interested in both fred and ginger – we have completed the application and paid the 15 fee – we could take the puppies when you feel it is best to transition. Thanks.

  2. Kristin-LFS

    Hi John,

    We don’t usually allow puppy siblings to be adopted together and believe it is best if they go into separate homes. So once your approved someone will be in contact with you about the adoption process and setting up an apdoptiom appointment to meet Ginger or Fred.


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