Zeke – Adopted 08/06/2016

LFS_AdoptedDogZeke2016Happy Gotcha Day Zeke!

Meet ZEKE!! Zeke is a super sweet 12 week old lab mix who was unfortunately dealt a bad card early in life, but that’s all about to change. This little guy was unlucky enough to develop puppy strangles and Demodex on his face, both non-contagious conditions that caused him to lose the hair around his muzzle and eyes. Because of that, he ended up at the shelter where too many people wouldn’t give him a chance. LFS knew the condition was treatable, so we saved him and he’s already starting to blossom in his foster home. From the shelter pictures to looking at Zeke now, you can already see that some of his hair has grown back in, and in a few weeks I’m sure he’ll be all grown in and good as new! In the meantime, Zeke is just the SWEETEST little pup. He loves to snuggle with foster siblings, play in the backyard, and get some good old loving from his foster mom. His foster mom describes him as like a little bear cub. 

Please don’t let Zeke’s appearance keep you from considering him as your next family member. His hair WILL grow back and has already started to now that he’s been seen by a vet and was able to get the care he needed. He is so deserving of a great home, and he will shower you with love if you give him the chance!

If you’re interested in Zeke, please visit labradorfriends.com/how-to-adopt