Sophie – Adopted 08/18/2016


LFS_AdoptedDogSophie_2016Happy Gotcha Day Sophie!

Meet SOPHIE!  Sophie is an adorable 10 week old female black lab mix. She was found wandering all alone along a road and thanks to a good samaritan and LFS she is now safe. She is a typical 11 week old puppy – all play or all cuddle and she is not shy at all.  Now Sophie has a second chance to start over and have a great life.




FOSTER UPDATE  08/12:  If you are looking for an unlimited supply of awesome puppy kisses from a very friendly and social little girl – then Sophie just might be the right pup for you.  Balls – tennis, rubber, big, small – Sophie loves them all. Right now she is just a ball chaser but will soon be learning soon how to bring them back too!

Potty training has been going really well – no accidents yet. And she sleeps pretty much through the night. We do let her out once just in case though.

Oh and one more thing. After all the puppies we have fostered we kinda look at them by how fast they do their business – especially when it’s raining outside. Sophie wins the prize as probably the fastest one ever!!

She does seem to have one minor deficiency though. Unlike other labs, she isn’t as food driven so whomever adopts this awesome little girl, just make sure you have a big supply of balls to chase! The ball can be your training tool.

Here is a pic or two of Sophie with Mr. Elephant, the toy she personally selected to be her new BFF.




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