Jasper – Adopted 09/17/2016


Happy Gotcha Day, Jasper!

LFS_AvailableDog2016_Jasper0733Meet JASPER!! Jasper was just rescued from the shelter, and he has an incredibly sad story.Jasper is a sweet, gentle 8 year old boy with a wonderful disposition. He quietly sat in his kennel at the shelter and waited for someone to come adopt or save him. Poor Jasper was so confused as to where he was and why he was there. He was picked up at Rabbit Farm Park tied to a pole at 10 o’clock at night. It was clear he must’ve been abandoned there. Jasper now finds refuge with LFS as he seeks his forever home, a place where he will know love for the rest of his days and never be abandoned tied to a tree again. Once he is cleared by the vet, he will move to his foster home where we can watch this boy blossom and learn more about his personality and all his quirks.Unfortunately Jasper is heartworm positive, and he will begin treatment now. We have recently taken in many heartworm positive dogs, and the costs are quickly adding up. If you would be so kind as to want to donate to Jasper’s treatment (or Bella, Baily, Davenport, etc), please visit https://labradorfr.wpengine.com/donate-2/.

Everyone at LFS and all the dogs would greatly appreciate it!!

If you’re interested in giving Jasper his forever home, please visit labradorfriends.com/how-to-adopt to fill out an adoption application or email labfriendinfo@gmail.com for more information. 🙂

update 09/07/16:  Jasper is starting to come out of his shell and show us his fun personality. When he first came to LFS, Jasper was anxious and scared (as any dog would be after being abandoned and tied to a tree), and it really seemed that he had never lived inside before, so poor Jasper had no idea what to do with himself. We took him for his trainer evaluation and it was clear Jasper hadn’t really been socialized before and probably never really had much training either. On a good note, Jasper did well with other dogs during his evaluation and his tail never stopped wagging.

Unfortunately, since we are still in desperate need of foster homes, Jasper has had to stay in boarding at the vet’s office. Jasper really disliked the kennel, to the point where he was working himself up all the time, so the clinic staff and volunteers at LFS decided to try him out in doggie daycare…and he is doing GREAT!! Jasper is doing well with all kinds of dogs in daycare, males and females, and although he doesn’t seem to really “play” much, he enjoys hanging out with everybody in the yard and being able to get all the attention he wants from the kennel staff. The clinic has an in-ground pool for playtime, and Jasper has even adventured into the shallow end a couple times! Because Jasper is heartworm positive, the staff have to watch him closely to make sure he does not over-exert himself, but for the most part Jasper just likes to be in the company of everyone or busy himself exploring the yard, so it hasn’t been much of a problem. Once he has recovered from treatment, he will be able to run around more and maybe learn to swim for real. We felt that since he seems much happier out of the kennel, supervised low-key activity would be better in the long run for Jasper than forcing him to be stressed out in a kennel until we can find him a foster home.

Although Jasper is enjoying doggie daycare during the day, he still has to stay in boarding at the vet’s office, and no doubt that starts to take a toll on a dog in many ways. We would LOVE to see Jasper go to a foster home where he can learn how to be an indoor dog, learn some manners that go along with that, and learn what it means to be loved. If you’re interested in opening your heart and home to Jasper, please visithttps://www.labradorfriends.com/foster-2/ to fill out a foster application.

If you are interested in giving Jasper a forever home, please visitlabradorfriends.com/how-to-adopt to fill out an application or email labfriendinfo@gmail.com if you are already approved.

**Jasper is a little camera shy, so sorry for the not so great photos!! He’s also a little wet from the pool**




3 comments on “Jasper – Adopted 09/17/2016”

  1. Jill Meyerdierks

    Where is Jasper located? I like in Atlanta, GA. Also how many pounds is he? I can help with a donation for his heartworm treatment. Just tell me what I need to do. Thanks

    • Kristin-LFS

      Hi Jill,

      All of our dogs are fostered around the Atlanta area. If you are wish to donate to his treatment please see the link above to do so.

      Thank you!
      Kristin -LFS

  2. Lee loree

    Can I go see him at doggie day care and if yes where is the facility?

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