Hank – Lexi’s pup – Adopted 09/27/2016


Happy Gotcha Day, Hank!


MEET HANK!!  Hank is one of Lexi’s male pups.  The puppies are just heading to foster homes so check back in for updates!

If you’re interested in adopting Hank, please visit labradorfriends.com/how-to-adopt to fill out an application, or email labfriendinfo@gmail.com if you are already approved.

FOSTER UPDATE 9/25/16: Hank and Champ have been with us two nights now and have have settled in beautifully.  They have been great in their crate while we are away.  They stay together and in the same room with our other three labs.  They have slept peacefully in their crates both nights – understand nights are only about 5 hours here but still impressive for pups in a new place.  They enjoy wrestling with each other and running around exploring the back yard.  They are very interested in our others pups and don’t seem concerned about the difference in size.  They are canine oriented but like to know where their humans are.  They’ve tried out all the stuffed toys and chew toys and seem to like them equally.  They’ve enjoy their meals and treats (of course).  Both boys have done well with house training.  The only accidents they’ve had while we have been home were when we didn’t stick to the schedule.  And did we mentioned that are absolutely adorable???
 Champ and Hank heading to their new foster home!
Champ and Hank heading to their new foster home!