Skeeter – Lexi’s pup – Adopted 10/05/2016

lfs_adopteddog2016_skeeterHappy Gotcha Day Skeeter!

Meet SKEETER!!  Skeeter is one of Lexi’s male pups.  The puppies are just heading to foster homes so check back in for updates!

If you’re interested in adopting Skeeter, please visit to fill out an application, or email if you are already approved.

FOSTER UPDATE 9/27/16: We had a blast with the puppies this weekend. The house breaking efforts have some success as we yell “outside” and all four dogs rush to the back door.  Our two previous rescues get along great with the puppies.  Skeeter actually goes to the door to go out and we just need to get him to let us know with a little bark or cry.  All in all no problems.
FOSTER UPDATE 9/21/16: Skeeter is all boy and what a travel companion.  On the way home from the vet he sat up and looked out the window most of the trip. Skeeter must have some retriever in him for sure as he seems to already like to chase tennis balls and even bring them back to us. He struts around the yard with a great stride and his stance is awesome. He is a hearty eater and so far so good with housebreaking as he’s learning from the big dogs that we do all that stuff out in the back yard. If you sit on the floor he comes right over and climbs into your lap for a back or belly rub till he falls asleep. He and his sister cuddle up and sleep in a crate all night with just an occasional quiet whimper and they go back to sleep till the older dogs wake them up at sunrise. Skeeter has no problem playing with the older dogs or his sister.

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