Taco – Lexi’s pup – Adopted 10/08/2016

lfs_adopteddog2016_tacoHappy Gotcha Day Taquito!

MEET TACO!!  Taco is one of Lexi’s male pups.  He is now in a foster home, so read on for updates!If you’re interested in adopting Taco, please visit labradorfriends.com/how-to-adopt to fill out an application, or email labfriendinfo@gmail.com if you are already approved.

Foster Update  10/03/16: Taco has grown so much in the last week. He is gaining weight and is becoming more confident.  What a curious & fearless little guy. He is all puppy and loves to follow his humans and foster sisters around. Playing is one of his favorite things to do – like tug of war and rolling around in the grass. It really was a lot of fun watching him discover the awesomeness of doing the grass rolling thing. But, when it’s time to chill he turns into a cuddle baby. He LOVES to cuddle. He lets us know when it’s time to go out – usually once or twice during the night. And he has yet to have an accident in his crate. And he is smart – almost has the ‘sit’ thing down, especially when it’s related to a treat. His favorite toy is Mr Bear – the one he picked out all by himself at the pet store. His first toy all his own. Taco is a sweet little guy and will make an amazing addition to his furever home.



 Foster Update  9/27/16:  Here is little Taco with Mr. Bear. He picked it out all by himself as his first toy. He loves it.  After a hard day playing, he falls asleep in my lap.