Betty – Adopted 10/22/2016

lfs_adopteddogbetty_102316jpgHappy Gotcha Day Betty!

Meet BETTY!! Betty is a beautiful 3 year old golden retriever/Labrador mix who just came into LFS with her son, Burt. Betty is a super sweet girl who has done so well in keeping her baby boy safe, but now that LFS has stepped in to give them both a second chance at life, it is time that Betty finds a forever home of her own. In the second picture, Betty is on the left. ? Unfortunately we just found out that Betty is heartworm positive and will begin treatment. She will need to go to a foster or forever home where she can remain calm for a few months until her treatment is complete. We hoped to get her in a foster home as soon as possible, but we are currently very short on foster homes. If you are willing to open up your heart and home and interested in fostering Betty, please visit Once we get her to a foster, we will be able to tell you a little bit more about her personality! 

If you’re interested in adopting Betty, please visit to fill out an application. If you are already approved, please email

FOSTER UPDATE 10/03/16: Betty loves to snuggle up with her foster sibs for a Sunday nap.


FOSTER UPDATE 10/03/16: We continue to learn many more great things about Betty as a result. First, she likes snuggling and relaxing with her new little buddies.
Second, even though her activity is limited during her heartworm treatment, she started showing interest in catching and playing with a ball!
She is going to make a great companion for her new forever family.



FOSTER UPDATE 9/23/16:  New photos — Betty “on the hunt” in the yard! Betty is doing very well. She is starting to fill out a little and her coat is getting a little more shiny. She enjoys her people, other dogs, and walking around in the back yard. She can be a little shy or startle easily sometimes, but she really wants to trust and please her person and she listens and responds so well. She is such a pleasant and sweet dog!



FOSTER UPDATE 9/13/16:  Betty has settled in with her 2 foster dog siblings and loves to be by my side. Her inside manners are great so far so we think she may have lived in a house at some point.  She has not had a single accident, stays nicely in a crate, and sleeps quietly all night on her dog bed.

She is very gentle and seems to like other dogs.  I also had some neighbor kids over and she is wonderful with them.  No jumping and very sweet.  Betty can’t be very active while she is finishing her heartworm treatment. But she is smart and eager to work on “sit”, “stay”, and “down”, especially when there’s a treat involved. She is eager to please!




3 comments on “Betty – Adopted 10/22/2016”

  1. Laura Leonard

    How is she doing? I’m think about getting a second dog & she looks like a mixed breed I would love.

  2. Kristin-LFS

    Hi Laura,

    She is still going through Hw treatment, but is doing well. She is also great with other dogs. If you are interested please go ahead and fill out the application. Once approved we will set up an appointment for your family (including dogs) to meet her.


  3. Stephanie Schiro-Gordon

    I believe I met Betty today at the Right to Hike 5K and she was so super sweet I just fell in love with her…Has a forever family been found for Betty? Has she completed heart worm treatment and if so how is her health doing? Is she still nursing her baby boy Burt or has he been adopted?

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