Chloe – Lexi’s pup – Adopted 11/05/2016

lfs_adopteddog_2016_chloeHappy Gotcha Day Chloe!

MEET CHLOE!!  Chloe is one of Lexi’s female pups.  Read below for more information from her foster home.If you’re interested in adopting Chloe, please visit to fill out an application, or email if you are already approved.

FOSTER UPDATE 10/18/16: Chloe is developing her loving personality, loves people (all ages), growing taller & is the friendliest pet we have fostered. Also, very alert / smart puppy. She had busy weekend – played outside & working on “No” command. Sleeping midnight to six & back to bed before morning coffee time at 8.  Then, walk the neighborhood for exercise & meeting up with the neighbors.  She will be great addition to a forever home that needs fun, exercise & love.




FOSTER UPDATE 10/02/16:   Chloe has had an active weekend spending time outside in a yard pen while Fosters did gardening & yard work. Chloe has been feeling great. She loves to go out & meet her neighbor friends. Chloe likes dogs but even as a puppy she plays hard with our Lab. For such a young puppy, she has adjusted well to her Foster’s home.

FOSTER UPDATE 09/23/16:   Chloe got tired learning Adobe Lightroom & helping to edit our vacation pictures.

FOSTER UPDATE 09/21/16: Chloe just finished her first 24 hours in her new foster home.  She is a confident pup who loves being held but also roaming outside!  She liked the car ride home and checking out her new foster sister.  She eats well (no surprise!) and lets you know when she wants out of crate.


3 comments on “Chloe – Lexi’s pup – Adopted 11/05/2016”

  1. Millie Cofino

    Hello! We’re interested in adopting Chloe! We were wondering if you knew what she was mixed with and what her full adult size may be? Thank you!

  2. Kristin-LFS

    Hi Millie, Since our pups are rescues most of the time we don’t know what they are mixed with. We think these pups are possibly mixed with hound and full size maybe around 60 pounds.


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