Champ – Adopted 01/13/2017

Happy Gotcha Day Champ!

MEET CHAMP!! Champ is a very sweet 6 year old whose owner had to surrender him due to financial obligations.

Champ is the newest member to LFS. His previous owners could no longer afford to care for him, so he found himself at the shelter. Now he’s with LFS and it’s time for Champ to find his forever home. Champ is a 6 year old chocolate boy who is a good bit underweight right now, which makes his big, goofy head look disproportional to his body. He is currently at our vet’s office getting some much needed groceries, and we hope to move him to a foster home as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Champ is heartworm positive, so he will be beginning treatment.

If you’re interested in adopting Champ, please visit to fill out an application.

If you are already approved, please email

  1. Champ heartworm

    Unfortunately, Champ is a strong heartworm positive. There are quite a few dogs in the program going through heartworm treatment at the moment so donations are greatly needed to help Champ find his forever home. Any amount is appreciated!
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UPDATE 12/11/16: I cannot believe this sweet boy has not been scooped up yet! Champ is a loving 6 year old chocolate lab mix in search of his forever home. He came to us in September very malnourished and in desperate need of some TLC. He has since gained weight and started to come out of his shell. Champ was understandably very scared and unsure when he first arrived, but he’s now learned that not all things are scary and bad. He is still scared of grills, and while we’re not sure what Champ’s past truly holds, it’s possible wherever he came from was not the nicest to him. He does have a scar on his left shoulder from an old injury that looks like it could have been a burn, which would sadly support that hypothesis. But we won’t let whatever happened in Champ’s past haunt him forever. He is such a sweet boy who deserves better. Champ loves to be petted and get loving from you, does well with most other dogs, likes children, and loves to just hang out where you are. He enjoys going on walks and sunbathing inside or outside. Champ would happily cuddle with you on the couch and keep you company if you allow him to. He is almost done with his heartworm treatment and is doing great!

Unfortunately, Champ’s foster parents could not foster him anymore, so Champ needs a new place to stay until he can be adopted. If you would be willing to open your heart and home to Champ until he can find his forever home, please visit to fill out a foster application. If you are already an approved foster, please email Thanks!!

If you’re interested in adopting Champ, please fill out an application to adopt at


FOSTER UPDATE 10/17/16: Tippy and Champ enjoying a short evening walk. He is putting on weight and looks good. Has learned that he has to stay in his kennel if we leave the house.



FOSTER UPDATE 09/24/16: Champ is doing great.  He and his foster sister are having a blast!  He’s eating well and hopefully it won’t take us long to fatten him up.  Unfortunately, he can be skittish at times with unfamiliar noises but we’re working to build his confidence.  Very sweet dog!