Angelica – 02/04/2017

Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Angelica!

MEET ANGELICA!!  Angelica is an 8 year old lab who joined the Labrador Friends family today (9/26).  She is a very sweet, quiet girl who only wants to be petted and loved.  Unfortunately, she found herself in a high kill rural shelter, surrendered by her family, who had her since she was a puppy.  They did not even give the shelter her name.  We named her Angelica, as she is truly an angel.  She is now safe at our veterinarian’s office, getting the medical attention she needs.  Please stay tuned for more information as we have her treated and get placed in a foster home.

If you’re interested in adopting Angelica, please visit to fill out an application, or email if you are already approved.

  1. Angelica Heartworm Treatment

    Unfortunately, Angelica is heartworm positive. Please consider helping by donating towards her treatment so she can be healthy again going into her forever home.
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Dec 26, 2016 – Donations up to today for Angelica: $175.  Please Note: We had a technical problem with all our donation buttons when our website was updated by not showing amounts. Now is fixed but the counter starts again from zero.


FOSTER UPDATE 12/19/16: Angelica   (NOG to us = New Old Girl) finally chilling out on a cold rainy night with the family….normally she would be in a room away from us.  Stubborn but very funny personality.


Foster update 11/16/16: Every day sweet Angelica seems more relaxed and comfortable in her foster home.  She has started eating well and enjoying short walks twice a day. She really enjoys just hanging out with labbie sisters. You can still tell she doesn’t feel well and lacks energy, though. She sleeps all day, in the same spot in the den.  When she wakes up, she has dinner and a walk. She will then hang out with the family until bed time.  She will have her first heart worm treatment 12/26. Angelica will be ready for adoption when she completes her treatments in February.

FOSTER UPDATE 10/13/16: Sweet Angelica is settling into her foster home. It has been an adjustment, as it appears she was most likely an outside dog. She has finally realized that she can lay on any of the 6 dog beds scattered throughout the house and be very comfortable. She also gets along very well with our four dogs.Unfortunately, her heart worm results show a strong positive. She is on pre-treatment  and hopefully in a few months she will be heart worm free. Since Angelica does not feel very well,  getting her to eat has been a challenge. Sweet girl follows us around the house and plops down wherever we are. She is laying at my feet now as I type this.

FOSTER UPDATE 10/03/2016: Sweet Angelica settled into her foster home today. She explored the house and yard, met her 4 canine sisters and then promptly found a comfy bed to take a nap on. When Angelica first came to LFS, she had an open wound on her neck/back that we have since learned was actually a mass that had begun bleeding and was left untreated. The mass was removed late last week, and test results of the biopsy are pending. We will update with results as soon as we have them. Now this sweet girl can begin her new life of peace and safety in the comfort of her foster home. We would love for her to find a great forever home where she can be adored for all of her coming golden years. After all, she’s still only 8 years young!
If you are looking for a chill, sweet older lab, Angelica is for you?❤️