Old Man – Adopted 02/28/2017


Happy Gotcha Day Old Man!

SAY HELLO TO OLD MAN!! We know his name is a little odd but he seems to respond to it more than anything else we’ve tried so far. Old Man is a gentle, kind soul so it kind of fits too. Old Man was found by a nice lady, abandoned in the back field of the barn where she boards her horses. The barn borders a National Park and there are no neighborhoods nearby. He had apparently been there for about 5 days as the barn manager said that’s how long he’d been seeing pawprints in the dust of the trail. He was severely dehydrated and of course very hungry. Old Man was scanned for a microchip and did not have one, he had no identifying tags, and searches for an owner came up short. The good samaritan that found him looked around the area shops and there were no fliers posted looking for him. She posted him found and had no response (aside from sympathy for him) and checked for anyone posting about a missing dog matching his description, but no one within a 150 mile radius had a post looking for him. While it’s tempting to think he wandered off from home, Old Man is blind and there are no homes in range of his blind shambling that are missing him. Unfortunately the very nice woman who found Old Man cannot keep him, so here he is with us at LFS.

Old Man is about 10 years old and as sweet as can be. He is blind in both eyes but we have scheduled an appointment for him to visit a specialist to determine if Old Man can have surgery to restore some of his eyesight. He had a mass removed from his side that came back as just a fatty lump (Woohoo!!) and he has been neutered. Old Man is a big boy with a block head, and with some TLC he will be as handsome as ever. He has moved to a foster home where he is settling in, figuring out what comfy dog beds are, and learning to maneuver his way around the house. His foster mom says he’s a really good boy and hasn’t been a bother whatsoever. He relies heavily on his nose to get around right now, but we have hope that the specialist visit will provide good news for his future eyesight.


  1. Old Man’s Medical Care

    Old Man's medical costs have started to add up, and while LFS is doing everything we can for him, we need to raise some funds to be able to cover his existing bills and future eye surgery (if it will be beneficial to him). Please consider helping by donating towards his treatment. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    $530.00 donated



Dec 26, 2016 – Donations up to today for Old Man: $1950.00 Please Note: We had a technical problem with all our donation buttons when our website was updated by not showing amounts. Now is fixed but the counter starts again from zero.

Foster Update 11/10: Old Man had his appointment with the specialist today, and unfortunately it was determined that Old Man is permanently blind and surgery will not be beneficial. While this isn’t the news we were hoping for, Old Man is in great spirits and seems to be happier each day that he gets to roll around in his foster mom’s yard, curl up in comfy dog beds (even if he chooses one a little too small for him), and spend some good quality time cuddling/snuggling with foster siblings. Now we can move forward with finding Old Man a forever home to live out the rest of his golden years in. He will need to go to a home with no stairs and that is relatively low key so that he can learn to navigate his home and live peacefully in a low stress environment. He would probably do well with another dog to help guide him. If you’re interested in giving Old Man a forever home, please visit fill out an adoption application. If you have any questions, you can email labfriendinfo@gmail.com.





16 comments on “Old Man – Adopted 02/28/2017”

    • Martha

      Hi Janice, we won’t find out until Thursday when he is scheduled for his eye exam. Please check back.

  1. Sophia

    Just sent a little for the old guy. I met him when he was first found. He will be someone’s life long heart and soul. He’s just looking for someone to make his very own. He will make someone a very lucky pet-parent.

  2. Donna Passaro

    Sent a little something for Old Man… In Kern’s name. Good boy!


    Could you update the donation amount? I would like to see how much we all chipped in. Thanks.

  4. Andrea Krasnoff

    Old Man deserves to be loved and spoiled for the rest of his life. Our donation is from Henry, our rescue from you. Unfortunately he needs to be an only dog so hopefully the contribution helps. I agree with the prior comment, please show what has been raised. Perhaps it’s a way to encourage others. This is a special boy who deserves lots of hugs and kisses.

  5. Martha

    Thank you everybody for you kind donations. According to our webmaster when an update was done on our website, all campaign buttons stopped working but now they found a way around it, so from now on it should work. Thank you again and Happy Holidays! 🙂

  6. Martha

    Dec 26, 2016 – Donations up to today for Old Man: $1950.00 Please Note: We had a technical problem with all our donation buttons when our website was updated by not showing amounts. Now is fixed but the counter starts again from zero.

    • Martha (volunteer)

      Old man is comfortable and happy in his foster home while he awaits for his forever family.


        Thank you for the update – I can not get him out of my mind – I lost my 14 year old Chocolate two years ago and he looks so much like him. I would love to take the big guy but I have a senior doberman that I just rescued that has absolutely no coordination – I would be afraid that he would get run over. Prayers that he finds his forever home very soon…

    • Martha (volunteer)

      Hi Scott, Old man still in his foster home while he awaits for his forever family.

  7. Sarah R. Skinner

    I love this old guy. I also check on him from time to time. We lost two dogs last year and right now is not a good time for us to adopt, for many reasons. (our age is a factor) I hope he finds a good home. He looks like he is doing well in his foster home. Any chance he can stay there and be a “foster fail”? I would even try to send a few dollars now and then for his food and care. It seems like a good match for him in his remaining years.

    • Martha (volunteer)

      yes! we are so grateful that he is well taken care of by his foster family but would be perfect if he could find a forever home. Thank you so much for thinking of him.

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