Rooster – Adopted 04/23/2017

Happy Gotcha Day Rooster!

MEET ROOSTER!!! Rooster is a super sweet 4 year old lab mix. He’s on the smaller side at only 39lbs. Rooster was at the shelter for a really long time so he is understandably a little nervous and shy right now. He was such a good boy on his freedom ride – he didn’t make a sound – and he was very agreeable to letting his transporter pick him up and carry him into the vets office. He was a little hard to get good pictures of him because he was busy watching everything going on around him. We are confident that Rooster will become more outgoing and his worries will completely fade away once he is in a foster or forever home. If you would like more information about fostering or adopting Rooster, please email

Foster Update 04/05: Just wanted to let you now that Rooster is adjusting well to his foster home.  He was understandably a little skittish at first but is doing a lot better now.  He gets along great with Dixie and the other dogs that he’s met so far in the neighborhood.  He has been perfect inside the house (no accidents at all!) and seems to enjoy sleeping in a crate at night.  Last night he actually went and got in it on his own.  He walks very well on a leash and we are working on “sit” and “shake”.  He’s good in the car, just very curious and doesn’t want to miss anything.  The thunderstorms yesterday made him a little uneasy but he eventually settled down.  He loves being out in the sunshine and especially going for long walks at the park. On the other hand, he’s also super content to snuggle on the couch for as long as you’ll let him.  Honestly, the family that gets to love this little guy forever will be very lucky!

ROOSTER UPDATE!! This handsome little man also came to the adoption event on Saturday and he did great! Understandably, he was a little frightened at first but he quickly started to come out of his shell a bit and interact with those who came to visit. Turns out Rooster loves to cuddle and didn’t hesitate to climb into our volunteer’s lap when invited! Rooster is a relatively mellow 4 year old boy who would be a great companion for someone. He seems to be good with other dogs and walks well on the leash. Rooster was in a foster home for a short time while he was at the shelter where he was good with the other dogs, cats, and kids.

Rooster is still looking for a foster home where someone can help him learn what life outside of the shelter is all about. If you’re willing to give him a chance, please visit to learn about fostering.

If you’d be interested in making Rooster a member of your family, please visit to fill out an application.