Hux – Adopted 05/30/2017

Happy Gotcha Day, Hux!

INTRODUCING Hux!! Hux is one of 4 boys from Midnight’s litter. He is now 6 weeks old, happy, healthy and ready for his forever home!

If you would like to adopt Hux, please complete an adoption application at If you are already approved to adopt and would like more information about Hux, please email

HUX UPDATE 05/23:  Hux has been with us since Saturday and he has been such a good pup.  He is very dog and human centric but will play with toys and entertain himself in his playpen when we aren’t available to play.  He has been eating well but he tends to graze given the opportunity.  He is very curious about our other dogs particularly our 3 labs.  They’ve been pretty good with him.  Hux let’s you know when he needs to go out and gives you a bit of a window to get outside.  He is very playful and loves to jump and “bound” his way across the yard – he is so fun to watch ?  He is pretty coordinated for as little as his is – just over 6 pounds.  He manages the single and double steps really well and lands on his feet when jumping off them.  He doesn’t love his crate but settles down after a bit and sleeps through most of the night.