Mellie – Adopted 06/17/2017

Happy Gotcha Day Mellie!

MEET MELLIE!!! Mellie is a beautiful and energetic labby girl (possibly mixed with flat-coat retriever) who weighs 77lbs and is about 2 years old. She’s so curious and busy it was hard to get a really good picture of her – we’ll work on that so you can see how truly gorgeous she is! Sadly, Mellie had been in an Atlanta area shelter for quite some time before LFS came for her. She rode in the car beautifully on her freedom ride and took treats gently. Unfortunately, Mellie is heartworm positive so she will need to be treated in the coming days. She seems to do fine with other dogs and she doesn’t seem to be interested in cats. More than anything she is really, really ready to get into a home and learn what it means to be part of a family. Won’t you consider opening up your home and heart to Mellie?
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FOSTER UPDATE 06/04: Mellie has finished her heartworm treatment so we decided to celebrate at our lake house! She has definitely enjoyed spending the entire weekend with us. She doesn’t  seem to be to interested in the water but was happy to watch everyone swimming from the shade under the umbrella. She has been getting spoiled the past 2 months and it’s safe to say that I don’t think she misses the shelter!! She is now completely comfortable with us in her face and laying on her. She also loves visitors but will let them know when she gets uncomfortable by a quiet growl and getting up and walking away. She has never showed teeth or any aggression, she is just saying she has had enough. Newfoundlands are known for their loyalty, sweetness and protection. She definitely has all of the traits. She will follow us around the house and let us know if someone is walking past. We have started calling her “our bear” since she looks, sleeps, and snores like one haha!


FOSTER UPDATE 05/15: Mellie has been with us almost a month now and she is settling in well. She wants to be by our side at all times and LOVES going for car rides She is also very protective of the house and will let us know if someone is walking by. But, when friends come over she is happy to greet the laying on her back waiting for a belly rub. She loves playing fetch and nothing makes her tail wag faster then us bringing her a new tennis ball.
In the beginning we were giving her a new bone every morning and could not figure out how she was eating them so quick. After seeing her sneak out into the screen-in porch, we have realized she has been stashing them away along with some of her toys for a rainy day. You also can’t beat her energy level! We take her for a mile walk in the morning and at night otherwise she is just laying at our feet waiting for our next adventure! She does occasionally get a few bursts of energy but after tossing the ball a few times or playing a little tug-of-war she is ready for a snooze. To top it off she doesn’t jump on the furniture, counters or on her human friends!!
Mellie has seemed to do very well in our home without any other dogs or small children and we think a similar home would be the best fit. We are able to take her out and walk her around with other dogs near by but she isn’t very happy when they get in her face. With children she LOVES the attention but she gets nervous when they start grabbing at her face.

FOSTER UPDATE 05/03: Mellie has stolen our hearts. Her tail hasn’t stopped wagging since we brought her home. She has the perfect energy level – she likes going on walks and playing ball when we throw it for her, but she is also quite content to be lounging around with us or looking out the window. Mellie hasn’t barked much (only a little whining when we leave), nor has gotten into any thing she shouldn’t. She has completely ignored the food that has been set on the coffee table. The only problem is she is at the same height as the coffee table, so when she starts wagging her tail, nothing is safe!!   She is very strong on a leash but she has gotten used to us putting a Gentle Leader on and walks right beside us now. Mellie does fine when she’s out in public and other dogs are around (we take her out with us quite a bit), but at home she would rather be an only dog. Also, because of her size and strength, we believe she would do best in a home with kids 10 years old and up. We really have fallen in love with her sweet disposition, and in our eyes she really is about as close to perfect as they come!