Bentley – Adopted 10/28/2017

Happy Gotcha Day Bentley!

MEET BENTLEY!! He is a beautiful 2 year old lab mix, probably mixed with Great Pyrenees. He had been staying at our vet’s office and was super excited to get to come to adoptions on Saturday! He made lots of friends, got loving and pets from a wide range of people, and did great with all the other dogs. We learned that Bentley knows commands like “sit” and “shake.” He does pretty well on the leash but could use a little more training as a refresher. Bentley does jump up on people when he gets too excited, so we are working on curbing that behavior.  By the end of the adoption event, he was doing it less and less; he is a really smart boy!

That said, he may do best in a home without very small children, as he might accidentally knock them over.

When Bentley first came to us, he had a form of non contagious mange called demodex, so his hair was missing in some areas and he looked a little rough. Our vet staff treated him and since then, Bentley’s hair has been growing back and he is turning into such a handsome boy!! The pictures only capture a glimpse of how cute he is and what a wonderful personality he has!! Bentley is a real cuddler!! When he is not meeting new friends or exploring his surroundings, he is content to sit and get pets from you, and he’ll get into your lap if you let him. Couldn’t get enough of this sweet boy during the event!!

Bentley is a young boy, and as such he has a lot of energy. He is also big and tall, and while he’s gained some weight since he came to us, he still needs to gain some more. He is around 70 pounds now and may be around 80 when he has filled out completely. Bentley would do great in a home where he could get plenty of exercise, and he would make a great hiking or running partner for someone!

Bentley is an all around great boy who deserves a chance at a forever home.

If you think that forever home may be with you, please fill out an adoption application at or email if you are already approved.

*Bentley is now in a foster home and doing well. Stay tuned for updates from his foster dad!*

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FOSTER UPDATE 10/17/17:  Here’s an update from Bentley’s foster dad: “Bentley is doing very well. He has settled in quite well. He sleeps on a blanket in my room. Bentley is housebroken, and I do not crate him at all, although he will occasionally counter surf if I leave something tempting within reach. He is fine with my other dogs. He knows “sit” and “shake.”He likes to curl up under my desk whenever I sit at my computer. He has gained same weight as he was painfully thin when LFS got him and is looking great!! He is a sweet, sweet, boy who deserves a forever home!”