Loki – Adopted 05/10/2018

Happy Gotcha Day Loki!
MEET LOKI!! This super cute, 6 month old lab mix is the newest member of LFS. Loki is an adorable, friendly boy with a fun personality. He’s a total goofball! He is just as happy to run around and play with a toy or ball as he is to come cuddle with you, and he’s the sweetest! At 59 pounds, Loki is a large puppy with room to grow. He will sit for a treat and walks pretty well on the leash but will pull when he gets excited about another dog or person (we’ll work on that). He was an absolute angel in the car and slept peacefully for the hour ride from the shelter to the vet’s office. We were told that Loki previously lived with several other dogs, and he has gotten along with every dog I’ve seen him meet so far. He seems to like children, and he really wanted to go see the little girl playing in the lobby at the vet’s office, but the family left before he got the chance. Loki appears to be crate trained; he waited patiently for me to take him out at the shelter and seemed to know what the word “potty” meant.
It turns out that Loki had entropion in both eyes, a condition in which his eyelids roll in and cause irritation. Our vet performed surgery to fix it and neutered him as well, so he’ll have to wear the cone of shame for a few days, but he should be good as new in no time. If you’d like to contribute to Loki’s care, please visit https://www.labradorfriends.com/donate-2/.
LOKI NEEDS A FOSTER HOME!! If you’d like to foster Loki until he’s adopted, send us an email at labfriendinfo@gmail.com!
If you’d like to adopt Loki, visit labradorfriends.com/how-to-adopt to fill out an adoption application or email us at labfriendinfo@gmail.com if you’re already approved!