Prince – Adopted 08/11/2018

Happy Gotcha Day Prince!

MEET PRINCE!! Prince is a beautiful yellow lab mix, about 2 years old. We rescued him from a kill shelter in July, after which he had to have emergency surgery to remove batteries and other plastic things from his stomach. He has since made a great recovery and is doing fantastic! Thank you again to all who donated so we could save his life!!
Prince is your typical lab mix. He’s super sweet and loving, knows basic commands, and is crate trained. The shelter reported that he appeared to be house trained as well. He is super friendly and always happy to see new people. Prince is a higher energy dog and would do best in a home with an active family or someone who will be able to provide him with plenty of exercise. He gets along with other dogs and did well in doggy daycare. That said, he does like to play a little rough so he would do best with another active, playful dog. Prince got to try out the doggy pool and LOVED it!! He quickly figured out how to jump off the ledge to reach the toy faster. He would make a great companion for someone who likes to go the lake or maybe even someone interested in getting into dock-diving.
Prince is sadly heartworm positive but is currently doing well in the first phase of treatment. He will be good as new in no time!
PRINCE NEEDS A FOSTER HOME!! Boarding is no place for a dog long term, so we would really love to get Prince into a foster home until he finds his forever home. If you are interested in fostering Prince, please visit or email us at
If you’d be interested in adopting Prince, go to or email us at!


UPDATE 7/16/18: Prince had his surgery and all is well again!! The surgeons got a lot more out of his stomach than we could originally see on X-ray. Specifically 3 batteries, a screw, a quarter, several small plastic toys, and sticks. It is a good thing we caught it early enough for it to all be in his stomach and none of it to be stuck in his intestines! We don’t know what this silly boy’s past held, but from now on, he’s going to have a close eye on him to make sure he doesn’t get into trouble again! Prince is doing great post surgery and is recovering well! He’s not happy about having to wear a cone of shame, but we’re happy that’s the only thing he’s worried about now! Check back for updates as this guy continues healing!