Noodle – Adopted 10/07/2018

Happy Gotcha Day Noodle!
MEET NOODLE! This adorable little guy is Noodle. He is a 10 week old labradoodle mix who is fighting for his life right now. Noodle was a seemingly healthy puppy at a shelter in north GA who broke with parvo all of a sudden and quickly started to go downhill. LFS was contacted and we knew we had to act fast. As many of you know, parvo can act unpredictably, and these next few days are critical. Noodle is currently at our vet’s office receiving the care he needs, and we can only pray it is enough to save his life. He is the sweetest little boy with a huge heart, and you just can’t help but melt when you look into his eyes.
We saved Noodle because we know he deserves a chance at a wonderful life, but we need your help to help save him!! We expect Noodle’s care to be quite expensive, so we are asking for help raising funds to help him get the treatment he needs.
If you can help with Noodle’s care, please go to!! We at LFS and Noodle greatly appreciate it!

NOODLE UPDATE!! Noodle is doing great!! Our little fighter is eating and drinking on his own now and has a lot more energy!! We hope this means he’s well on his way to beating parvo and getting the second chance he deserves!
Thank you so so much to everyone who has donated to his care so far!! We couldn’t do it without you!!
We will update more as the days go on. We have received some adoption interest in Noodle already. Please be aware that he will not be adoptable until he is 100% recovered and has been cleared by our vets. If you’d like to go ahead and fill out an adoption application for when that time comes, please do so at! You can send any questions to! Thanks!