Sadie – Adopted 10/13/2018

Happy Gotcha Day Sadie!

MEET SADIE!  Sadie is an LFS dog whose owner can no longer keep her due to a change in his circumstances.  She has lived with other dogs and has been through training – she is very good with basic commands.  She is sweet and loving, just confused as to where she is now.  Sadie is housetrained and isn’t a chewer.  Because she’s understandably anxious right now, the best home would be with an experienced owner with another friendly dog.  She’d be fine as only dog too.  She really just wants to please!


Update 09/09/2018 : Sweet Sadie is still looking for her forever home! She’s a beautiful 3 year-old girl about 60 lbs. She is totally house-trained and good with all the basic commands and is also good on a leash and in the car. She’s good with other dogs. She spent a day a few weeks ago at daycare at the Barker Lounge and really enjoyed playing in the wading pool. She also actually watches TV—especially if there are dogs on it!  It’s really funny to watch her. Sadie really needs a backyard to stretch her long legs (she likes to chase squirrels up trees and is really fast!) and would also be happy with a dog buddy in the house. She isn’t the type of dog that demands constant human attention. She’s just happy to hang around the house with humans, but she will show you how much she loves you when you return home after being out. She’s a super sweetheart who will make a great addition to any family!

Update 09/03/2018 : Sadie is one sweet and beautiful lady! She is house trained and is good with all the basic commands. At three years old, she can be playful if you want her to be, but she quickly settles down and is calm. She loves to go for walks and is really good on a leash—though sometimes distracted by squirrels and chipmunks! With a little practice she may make a good running partner. She likes to play with her toys and doesn’t chew on anything else but those. Sometimes she can be a little shy at first with new people and in new situations, but she’s always sweet. Pictures don’t do her justice. She’s a beautiful girl about 65 lbs. with long legs and pretty goldish colored eyes. A family with a backyard for her to stretch her legs would be ideal, but she is also doing great right now in a smaller space and no yard. A nice long walk has been enough to keep her happy.