Leia – Adopted 10/28/2018

Happy Gotcha Day Leia!

MEET LEIA!! Leia and her brother Luke are 10 week old siblings who were sadly found abandoned out on a dirt road. No one stepped forward to claim them after they were found, so now it’s time for them to find forever homes! They are both super sweet lab mixes with the cutest, smooshiest faces! Fill out an adoption application at labradorfriends.com/how-to-adopt today! If you’re already approved, send us an email at labfriendinfo@gmail.com!


Update 10/10/2018: Leia enjoys toys, dog beds, chasing with her brother Luke and winning wrestling matches with him.  She is 16 weeks old, approximately 22 pounds with beautiful dark eyes.  She is very food motivated which will be helpful as we work on commands but she can be rambunctious at meal time.  We haven’t mastered any commands yet but she is starting to get the hang of “sit”.  We are working on potty training and she has been doing well.   She has been quick to learn the routine around going outside and meal time.  She sleeps in a crate at night in our room.  She doesn’t love it but settles down eventually and sleeps through our short nights but she is ready to be up and go out as soon as our alarm goes off.  Leia has not been around children or cats so we aren’t sure how she would be.  Leia has a very sweet personality.  She is a loving and affectionate puppy who will cuddle and give kisses. 

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  1. Anna Rhett Miller

    I was interested in getting more information about Leia and Luke. We are looking to add a second rescue dog to our family to be a sibling to our little black/lab hound mix we have (about 20 pounds). We also have two boys – a 3 yr old and an 11-month old so we have to have a dog that is really good with little kids.

    Do you have any idea what they are mixed with? Any good guess on how big they will get? Will they be at any adoption events anytime soon? Are they still 10 weeks old?

    Thanks so much!

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