Snick – Adopted 11/04/2018

Happy Gotcha Day Snick!

MEET SNICK!! Snick and his brother Snack are super adorable, handsome boys around 3 months old. They were just saved together with another pup from a shelter in Alabama. Snick and Snack are pretty big puppies with huge paws, so they will likely be very large dogs once full grown. We’re guessing closer to 70-80 pounds. Snick is the larger of the two. He is a sweet, playful, active puppy. Snick and Snack have been given a clean bill of health by our vet and got their second set of puppy boosters. They are ready to go to foster or forever homes!

If you’d be interested in fostering Snick, go to or email us at! If you’d like to adopt Snick, fill out an adoption application at or send us a message at if you’re already approved!!

IMPORTANT UPDATE 10/24/18: We are devastated. Snick and Snack have both come down with a pretty severe upper respiratory infection. They have thick nasal discharge and fevers. Treatment has been started, but the boys had to move to isolation at the vet hospital. Laddy, another of our new puppies, was being kept in the same cage as the boys so that she could have company, and although she’s not showing symptoms, they have moved her into isolation as well just in case. We really hope our sweet boys can recover smoothly and quickly. Just hate seeing these poor babies sick.

Isolation and intensive care is quite costly, and now we have 3 puppies in need of it. If you can find it in your heart to donate to their care, please visit Thank you!